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Unleash your coffee taste; you deserve the best coffee no matter if you are at home or work.

Born and raised in Colombia I grew up with coffee being part of my daily life, since I recall. My day as a child always started with a Coffee with milk best known as “Cafecito con leche” in the afternoon after school at a young age I spent my time with my father going to a small coffee shop in downtown where all business happens, similar today to Ebay but face to face. My father and I spend 30-60 minutes a day listening to what everybody was offering from cars to homes and everything in between. Also during this time my father taught me about business and the importance of work ethics and traditions. I quickly learn that this coffee shop had not competition in town. I asked my father why this place was always crowded and other coffee shops were always empty. He looked at me and told me you are drinking gold. I was surprised since I never payed attention to my coffee. Then I realized that a good cup of coffee opens up your senses to make business a reality.


Years later in 1998 I moved to USA and my transition wasn’t easy since I had to adapt to a new culture. I spent over 2 months trying to find a coffee that connected me to my roots but unfortunately I failed on my search.  I worked in many places all small, medium and large corporations and the coffee that they offered employees was terrible because it was expensive to provide quality coffee to a team in your office. Colino Coffee will take care of this issue by providing you a coffee that will enhance your office’s performance and will encourage efficiency. Try an see the results.  Better coffee at work and home that is what you can find at  Colino Coffee.

To end our story we just want to say give us a chance to serve you a better Coffee not just for you at home but at work. Colino Coffee means coffee done the right way for all of us.

Our Philosophy

After over 24 years of being an employee I decided to stop this madness of bad coffee that ruins your day at work or home.  Sometimes it’s because you do not know how to choose a good coffee and/or it’s too expensive not just for you but also as a business owner you need to watch your budget.


Colino Coffee brings you the best coffees that you can afford with excellent quality  in all coffee aspects including: Body, aroma, flavors and consistency. We learned that you can have the same quality of coffee where you spend most of your time, at work.. Most people spend around 16 hours between home and work doing what you love and how you love.

Why Colino

Coffee is plant that has a lot in common with you. Start as a Chapola (coffee plant sprout) and as soon as it develops with strong roots and branches it becomes a colino. For us Colino is the word that represents our strong roots and passion for what we do and our responsibility to all of you.

Colino Coffee will help you redefine your taste for coffee. We bring the best affordable coffee. It is time to end bad coffee taste and embrace your day with amazing coffees from us.

We challenge you to try our coffees at work or home and unleash your taste for these amazing products that we offer.

Colino Coffee has a goal of providing the best coffee and the most affordable price.

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